Rachel Boggs is an artist working in the expanded field of print and installation. Her practice is informed by ongoing concerns around childhood, gender, and language. Her artistic practice draws on the personal experience of identifying as gender non-binary person to investigate the myth of gender representation. Through this investigation Boggs explores the construction of gender stereotypes in the material culture of childhood through language. For Boggs this material culture of childhood includes clothing, toys, and books.

Boggs works within modes of materiality that shift between printmaking, sculpture, and installation. Her practice includes printing on paper and textiles, soft sculptures, making books, and ready-made stencils with the aim of making language material. Boggs’ use of textiles includes printing on children’s clothing and making soft sculptural children’s toys from her own and her family’s cast-offs. Boggs having completed her BFA majoring in printmaking in 2019 and has gone on to do an MFA at National Art School, with the Post Grad Show coming up in January 2022. Recent group exhibitions include Print Matter at The ARI The Beehive, 2018; Hush Hush at National Art School, 2019; and the National Art School Grad Show at National Art School, 2019.